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Why Small Businesses Need A Fractional Cfo

Content Why Outsourced Cfo Services Are A Good Idea How To Assess Your Companys Security Maturity When To Hire A Fractional Cfo What Is A Fractional Cfo And Why Would You Hire One? Fractional Cfo Versus Traditional Cfo At the end of the day, your fractional CFO will effectively become the financial voice of your… Read More »

How Do You Calculate An Asset’s Salvage Value?

Content How Does Proration Affect Asset Depreciation? Is Salvage Value The Same As Market Value? Sum Of The Years’ Digits Depreciation Method Impact Of Depreciation Method How Do You Determine The Salvage Value Of A Car? Business Checking Accounts Double-declining balance is a type of accelerated depreciation method. This method records higher amounts of depreciation… Read More »

Activity Based Costing

Content Labor Hours Approach Vs Activity Abc System Example 1 Activity Based Costing With Two Activities It Allows You To Assign Specific Overhead Costs To More Expensive Products Unit Cost Card Using Activity Example Question #5 : Activity Based Costing Roughly the same activity is required independent of how many books are put in a… Read More »